Friday, March 22nd, 2019
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Home Textile Tool Museum Programs

Open Hours: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Admission: $5. Children 12 & under are free

Saturday May 19 – Opening Day: Spinning; Weaving; Flax (Kathy Halton and Susan Quick); Natural Dyeing; and Blacksmithing (Merle Eiffert).
Saturday May 26 – Sheep Shearing Day with Mike Hudyncia; Inkle loom; and Linen with museum curator Pat Hilts.  Inkle weaving is commonly used for narrow work such as straps and belts.

Saturday June 2 – Fleece to Shawl Day with local and regional guild members.  Watch the process as wool is carded into roving, then spun into yarn, and finally woven into a shawl.  Also plant fibers into Cordage with Dan Rhodes; all things Linen with Pat Hilts; and wood joinery with Dick Warner, a woodwight and expert on timer frame barns.

Saturday June 9 – Bobbin Lace Day with HTTM Curator Pat Hilts.

Friday June 15 – Coiled Pine Needle Basket Workshop with Carolyn Lukovich.  10:00 am start until finished.  Fee: $25, Materials: $20.

Saturday June 16 – Rocker Beater Looms Day with Phyllis Dean.  Phyllis wrote her graduate thesis on rocker beater looms and weaves on one that has come down through the generations in her family.

Saturday June 23– Natural Dye Day with Laryssa Zahajkewycz
Saturday June 30 – HTTM Open for Tours & a program to be announced.

Saturday July 7 – HTTM closed for the holiday.

Friday July 13 – “Drafting Longdraw” Spinning Workshop with Tracy Sayre from 10:00 to 4:00.  Fee $25, Materials $25. 

Saturday July 14– Early Samplers with Gary Parks, Executive Director of the Thomas T. Taber Museum in Williamsport.  Gary is a longtime collector of 18th and 19th century American samplers.

Friday July 20 – Soap Making Workshop with Laryssa Zahajkewycz from 10:00 – 4:00.  Fee: $25, Materials: $20. 

Saturday July 21 – “SISTER’s WORK: An Exhibit and Talk of Shaker Textile Tools” with Christa Hobson.  Christa has studied the Shakers and collected their textile tools for over 40 years.  Everything from spinning wheels to bobbins will be on display, as well as many examples of the items the Sisters sold in their fancy goods stores.

Friday July 27 – Painting with Wool: Needle Felting Workshop with Denise Tarbox starting at 10:00.  Fee: $25, Materials: $10.  Max: 10 students.

Saturday July 28 – Rug Day with Joan Gustin and Michelle Kaleta: Rug Braiding; Rug Hooking; and Rug Weaving.

August 4 – Small Looms Saturday: Rigid Heddle, Table looms, and weaving on cardboard.  A special museum “Make & Take” Saturday.

Saturday August 11 – “Cranks & Treadles” Day: a Survey of early sewing machines with Joy McCracken.

Thurs-Fri August 16-17 – “Reading and Understanding Early Weavers Notation” Workshop with Pat Hilts.  Fee: $65, Materials: $20.  Max: 8.

Saturday August 18 – HTTM Open for Tours & Special Lectures:  “Memories of the Pioneer Mothers” by Victor Hilts at 1 pm and “Scandinavian spinning wheels in the Midwest” by Pat Hilts at 2:30 pm. 

Saturday August 25 – Annual Wool Waulking.  Visitors and staff finish tweed fabric woven at the museum in the old way.  There may be some singing of traditional Gaelic songs to accompany the work.