Children’s Day

"Children’s Day”  For children from kindergarten through sixth grade-  A series of five make and take projects at different stations throughout the day are included with admission to the museum, come get acquainted with different crafts and projects you can make with wool and other fibers and textiles. Stay tuned for more detailed information!


OPEN FOR TOURS  Bring your current textile project and lunch -  plan to spend the day and work in community, make new friends and  relaxing at the museum.

The Wonderful World of Wheels

“The Wonderful World of Wheels”  New to spinning and want to try out different types of wheels? Have you inherited, found, bought, or won a spinning wheel at auction and have questions?  Join us for an informal, all day Q&A about spinning wheels!

Beginning Spinning

Beginning Spinning - Tracy Sayre Time:  10am - 3pm Class size: 6 students Instructor fee:  $25/ Materials fee:  $25 - includes fiber and handouts In this one day workshop we will be covering the basics of handspinning.  We will learn how to do short and long draw drafting and basic fiber preparation techniques.  This class […]

Fiber Frolic

“Fiber Frolic” -  Come and meet local textile guilds- spinning, embroidery, quilting- and find out how to join! Take part in our Destash & UFO Garage Sale-  stay tuned for more details!

Pine Needle Baskets

Pine Needle Baskets - Carol Lukovich Time: 10.30 - 2.30 Class size: 8 students Fee: $25  Materials: $20 Students will learn the basic coiling technique and stitching used for making […]